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A Little Bottle of Himalayan Salt Witchy Necklace

£46.00 £30.00

A beautiful protection necklace that has been copper plated. The bottle has been filled with cleansing pink Himalayan salt and topped with a clear quartz crystal.

The fastening has been made with copper wire and the 2.5” pendant hangs from a chain of 28”.

You will receive a necklace similar to the one in the photograph!


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All of the items from By Amillia have been carefully and lovingly handmade by me! Each purchase will be beautifully wrapped in protective packaging for you. Once you receive it, please take care of your gift – everything is made from quality materials, but crystals and certain materials are more delicate and should be cared for accordingly. Crystals are a natural product of the earth and may contain imperfections, but this is what I feel makes them beautiful and unique. You will receive the product in the listing photograph.

All of my items are ethically made! Please have a look through my other listings too.

Feel free to ask questions and thanks for looking!

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